An Open Letter to President Kay Maxwell:

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We also urge all those League members who are equally concerned to write directly to our President (KMaxwell@LWV.Org), to contact other members and to bring this issue to the attention of their local, area and state Leagues.

There are 924 signatures from 35 states, which can be seen by clicking here.

An Open Letter to President Kay Maxwell:

It becomes increasingly difficult, in the face of the growing concern from highly respected computer scientists about the insecurity of Direct Recording Electronic (touch-screen) voting machines (DREs), to accept the LWVUS position that individual paper confirmation for each ballot (VVPAT) is "unnecessary and (can) even be counterproductive". This stand is particularly disconcerting since VVPAT is currently the only way we have of the voter being assured that the vote cast is the vote being counted. National's stand acts to stifle the research and debate that is occurring across the country in every state and county.

We are at a loss to answer voters who are concerned that the League is ignoring the issues being raised about protecting the security of the vote. The message that National sends us is that it is acting within its purview to make this decision and that it is to be uncontested by local and state leagues. Meanwhile, many decisions on voting machine choices are being decided by counties and states. We believe that National has exceeded its authority in making recommendations on very complex and serious computer issues and urge National to retract its position on VVPATs.

We cannot remain silent in the face of a position that can be dangerous for our democracy and embarrassing for the League. We believe that there are other League members who are perturbed by National's stand against individual paper confirmation for each ballot (VVPAT).

We believe that we are not alone nor few in number. Perhaps a collective voice will be heard by LWVUS.

This is a single topic issue. We are not against the use of the DREs, merely against refusing to make them secure.

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